Facebook Profile Pictures as Emoticons

Use Facebook Profile Pictures as Emoticons During Chat

Facebook is becoming a leading social networking site over the teenager and they are becoming big fans of those sites too; Facebook allows the users to connect with all peoples all over the globe. This increases the communication over the people who are using them. Not only chatting option, Facebook also provides you to create groups, sharing the contents which you like and you can also create page so that you can promote your stuffs all over the network.  Facebook users can tag their friends in their status, profile pictures, timeline pictures and so on. Users can personalize their profile and they can easily share anything on their Facebook account. Tagging your friends in your profile doesn’t make much of fun and joy; but you can bring little fun while sharing your content over the network. Facebook allows you to use smiley during sharing of status and while texting also. This makes you to express your feelings over your circles; using of wink and other smiley bring you little fun and excitements. But when the Facebook announces the sticker option, it leads you to express your feelings and pictures in your messages.  This gets huge responses over the users in the Facebook community; but there would be much fun if you use your profile pictures instead of the predefined smiley and stickers.

Facebook Profile Pictures as Emoticons

Yes, the Facebook brings you an option which makes you to use your profile pictures as an emoticon instead of predefined Smiley. This makes you to experience lots of fun around your friends and in your network. But this would not link their account on your status, this features simply uses the picture of those person as emoticon. You can easily use their picture as emoticon by simply adding their profile names in your status. In order to use this technique, simply you can use your profile ids; your profile id will be easily obtained from the profile and then you can easily include your pictures in your chat messages as emoticons.

If you want to use your profile picture as emoticons, you need to open the chat and enter your profile name in between two angle brackets and close those brackets. For example, you profile name is xxx; then you can use your profile picture as emoticon by entering [[xxx]]. This will displays your profile picture in your chat. This makes your conversation to become attractive and brings fun in your conversation. If you want this in effective way, then you should enter your profile unique ids. Your unique id can be obtained b y accessing the graph.facebook.com; suppose you want to get your profile id then you can get it by entering the following address in your address bar:

http://graph.facebook.com/xxx ; this brings your profile details which includes your unique profile id. If you want to use your profile id number instead of your username then you can use as [[1215454054504]]; this displays your profile picture in your chat  and create fun among your circle.

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